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The Problem

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Working from home can be both exhilarating and exhausting.

Here’s some simple tried and tested tips to help to maintain productivity and good mental wellness.

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The Solution

Try this out

  1. Have a separate workspace to ‘life’ space, ideally have your desk set up in a spare or office room so it is totally separate from your ‘home’ 
  2. Dress in ‘work’ clothes during working hours. It can be so tempting to sit and work in your pj’s or sweats, hell we’ve all done it at some point but whilst the occasional pj work day is fine, most days it helps your mind differentiate between work and play if you wear ‘work’ type clothes. 
  3. ‘To fail to plan is a plan to fail’ Planning is your best friend and its more important when you work from home so that all family members know when you are working and when you are free to be disturbed. I’m old school so I like to write on my desktop planner each evening , my schedule for the next day.
  4. ‘eat the frog first’ Psychologists have long proven that it’s always more productive and mentally satisfying to get the jobs you hate done in the morning, it gives a sense of achievement and means they’re not hanging over you while you procrastinate throughout the day, so plan them in first and get then over and done with.
  5. Water is everything, A dehydrated mind is a sluggish mind. Keep a litre bottle of water with you and try to drink at least 1 before noon and one more in the afternoon as a minimum Yes when you first start this routine you may need the loo more but that settles down within a couple of week once your body gets properly rehydrated. 
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Become a Family Care Practitioner for as little as £349

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