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The Problem

Whats happening

As we have evolved in time we have become alone in our parenting. There are many tradition that say a Mum should be cherished and treated like a Queen for the first 40 days … not sure about you, but my family didn’t get the memo! So I wanted to share with you my thought in Postpartum care from around the world. 

The Solution

Try this out

The main take aways from this video are: 

  • To keep warm and never let the cold in, even when taking clothes off or going in the bath the Mum should always be hot and covering her head if possible to keep the heat in. 
  • Staying home and healing and bonding with baby, and establishing breast feeding for the first 40 days. 
  • Nutritious hot food, easy to digest so it doesn’t take away energy from breast feeding, caring for baby. 
  • Belly binding to keep tummy warm and heal quicker. 
  • Herbal teas to drink continuously to keep internal body warm and full of vitamins and minerals. 


"A healthy mum is the best gift you can give a newborn baby"

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Become a Family Care Practitioner for as little as £349

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