Postnatal Depression during covid19 – Practical tips to support a mum from a distance.

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The Problem

Whats happening

So we all know the world is a worrying , unsure place at the moment and more so for new parents having to navigate their way through the early days of parenthood alone, even more so for mums struggling with Postnatal Depression with little access to external help or services.

 If that is you , or you are close to new parents. we want to help you with some practical tips and places to look for support. 

Sometimes its hard to know how best to support the family when you’re not able to get close or hold the baby or even go into the home environment. 

Scroll down to get some handy tips that can assist a mum struggling with postnatal depression. 

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The Solution

Try this out

Let’s make this as simple and straight forward as possible, so here is some bullet points.

  • Firstly never stop asking how they are, even if mum doesnt want to open up on certain days, these can be the toughest days for mums to face, so just knowing you’re there and ready to hear the answer can feel reassuring someone is there. 
  • If you live near by you could go out on your daily walk and leave something for mum on the door step, food, magazine, chocolate just a little something to remind them someone cares. 
  • If it’s possible to meet outdoors for a social distance walk, on days when mum feels up to it could really boost her mood and if she feels she can talk to someone she might feel better. Never underestimate the power of a listening ear. 
  • From a professional point of view every mum I have never met has wanted to get better and feel better, so sometimes putting practical action points in place can help clear the mind and have a path to a more relaxed mind. 
  • Some days we need to accept mum can’t change how she is feeling and nothing we can do can change her outlook. Just by being there to listen can be enough. 
  • On a more practical level, you could look at online baby massage or baby support groups that mum could do online to feel like she is part of a community, by you doing the leg work it saves mum the additional scramble and overwhelm of finding one. 
  • There is alot of charities who have trained volunteers who can talk to mum over the phone. such as:,…/im-pregnant/mental-wellbeing/postnatal-depression-pnd

  • If you or mum feels she need additional hands on help from a practitioner they can find additional support and help  online or in person at:
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