nurture and grow your business

Business start up, business development, marketing and how to get visible and most importantly online ! Specifically within the childcare, family care industry.

business course includes:

The Pros and Cons
Your Why
The Mission

The Realities

Choosing Your Business
The Legalities
Self Employed or Ltd Company
Setting your Fees and Payments Structure
Bank account and accountants
Business Plan
Business Goals
Life plan
Mental Health
Create a community
We are your village
Why bother
Psychology of marketing
Psychology of colour
Pain points
Market research
Marketing Plan
Identifying your ideal clients
Email Marketing
Buyers psychology
Price points
Finding Clarity
Sales Plan
Growing your business
Video shooting
Voice overs
Zoom/ Video calling
Creating a online course
Why a website is a must have
Setting up a site
Why content is important
Ways of delivering content
A day in the life of
Scheduling for ease
Maternity Nurses
Playgroup/nursery owners
Behaviour Consultants


To build a successful business, certain steps need to be followed.

 But when you’ve very little time, experience as a business owner, clarity, knowledge of certain aspects of business, then

Where do you start? 

This is what lead us at Family Care Careers to create this business development course.

It gives you all the steps, info, tech, knowledge, inspiration, guidance, support and cheerleading you will need to fully thrive in your business life.

Completing this course will help you:

What people are saying

Laura Louise Dodd

Laura founded her business Confident Parenting 15 years ago with the aim of empowering and supporting new parents as they entered the parenting world. She travelled the world consulting until settling back in her home town.

Laura also has worked as a marketing and business development manager for businesses on a freelance basis for the past 10 years as well as working in an employed role as a marketing and area manager for City Social (a meet up social group based business) along with working in real estate.

This has given her great insight to how successful businesses are built developed and run and now for the first time she is bringing this knowledge and experience together in 1 place in order to help business owners throughout the world on their own entrepreneurial journey to success.

Clare Marie Dawson

Claire Marie has set up and run a few businesses over the last 12 years (All which are still up and running) after graduating with a BaHons in Business Management , She has trained and employed multiple employees and enjoyed watching them thrive.
She has won awards over the last 12  years and featured in a publication titled “Best in Britain” along with creating expert knowledge content to featured on high end product companies websites.
In the last couple of years she has become a mum and worked in the baby care sector and supported postpartum mums back to full health and supported many families back to strength again. 

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