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Laura Louise Dodd

Hi I am Laura!

Laura is a maternity nurse and child behaviour consultant of 17 years.

Laura’s background is in child psychology and behavioural biology.

Confident Parenting was founded by Laura Dodd, a world renowned child behaviour expert. Laura has spent 15 years providing behaviour solution services all over the worldwide. Starting out her career working in schools supporting children with additional needs (SEN) then moving to America where she worked both as a live in nanny with children with additional needs (Autism, ADHD and speech and language) and a behaviour consultant throughout schools there whilst studying child psychology and mental health. She moved back to England in 2008 and after qualifying as a maternity nurse founded Confident Parenting which is a private practice based in the North of England providing post natal and child behaviour support and solutions for families across the world in both a face to face and online environment.

She says…

“I love my job because  it allows me to really help parents and families on a real level each and every day”.


You can book Laura by clicking the link below 

How to Contact me

Number: 07414622469

Area I cover: Worldwide via online and in person he North East area.

Find me on social media: Confident Parenting


Gretchen Gussali Berrettamum to 1 girl
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Laura is extremely professional and has taken excellent care of my one year old daughter. In fact I would have loved to have Laura as a permanent maternity nurse/governess but unfortunately we are located quite far away and so I must be satisfied with having her several times a year as a substitute for our permanent governess.
Mrs GettyMum to 1 girl
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Laura is very well educated on child rearing and is always documented on the newest theories. She works consistently without a pause and always with kindness and patience. Laura's number one concern is always the baby
Nicola and Andrewmum to twins
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REFERENCE FOR LAURA LOUISE DODD To whom it may concern Laura began working with us when our boys were 5 weeks old, although still over a month premature at this point, having been born at 32 weeks gestation. She was initially full time but also agreed to work part time for a period. She was initially only meant to be with us for 7 weeks but we were so pleased and grateful for her services that she has ended up staying with us for three times as long as that. The babies were on a 3 hour feeding routine when they were discharged from hospital. Laura was fantastic in helping us not only to maintain this routine, but also in ensuring that the twins gradually started sleeping longer through the night, with the result that they slept through the night very early on, despite their prematurity. She was also invaluable in ensuring that we were both able to get lots of sleep, despite my desire to breastfeed as much as possible. In terms of feeding she was incredibly helpful, not only in supporting me in my breastfeeding attempts, but in teaching us how to bottle feed properly (not as easy as it sounds) and eventually showing me how to wean the babies. Laura is extremely knowledgeable and has given invaluable advice throughout her time here which has enabled us to parent with confidence. She has always got the right balance between advising us but at the same time making it clear that we are the parents and that she would never try to usurp that role. She has slotted right into our family so that it often feels like having a friend to stay who just happens to know an awful lot about babies!