katy simmons

I am avaliable as a 24 hour maternity nurse, night nanny and temporary nanny.
As a maternity nurse I have specialised in multiples and really enjoy working with twins and triplets and hope to be able to help families with greater multiples in the future. I have had experience with babies born as early as 29 weeks and with many different medical complications.
I am a hard worker and thrive in a busy family environment. I am passionate about caring for children of all ages and have had lots of personal and professional experience. I enjoy spending time with children and love to watch them grow and develop at all stages. I have completed additional training courses to improve and further my knowledge with new practices and theories and continue to develop and maintain my skills, keeping up to date with new ideas and legislation for caring for children.
I believe children learn and develop creativity by exploring their surroundings and having new experiences. I like to get messy and enjoy an outdoors life, regardless of the weather. I believe in providing children with a varied and interesting selection of activities to promote physical and mental development. I like to follow a Montessori style of learning encouraging children to be independant whilst providing a nurturing and supportive environmemt.
I believe a healthy and varied diet is important to the development of young children, and as a keen cook and I am always happy to pass on my skills and involve children in the process. I am very keen to cook from scratch and batch cook to ensure there are homemade options for days where time does not allow for a fresh made meal. I like to be organised and prepared and am happy to help with all aspects of care.
I like to take a gentle approach when it comes to routines and always consult with parents about their opinion before beginning any changes. I believe manners are essential for all children from a young age and enjoying helping children learn, develop and grow.
I have a lovely dog called Izzy. She is a small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who was born in June 2015. I am a big animal lover and enjoy taking children to visit with animals and engage in interactive animal handling experiences.
I have a background in nanny work and childcare and am very comfortable looking after multiple children on a sole charge basis and ensuring everyone is kept happy with various activities and outings.
I am qualified and have worked as a nanny and maternity nurse for the last 6 years. I have has sole charge for children aged from birth to teenagers and have had the pleasure of helping with my godchildrens care over their lives since the eldests birth in 2008.
As a maternity nurse I specialised in the care of multiples and premature babies born as early as 29 weeks.
I have worked with a wide range of families with different situations including first time parents, religious and cultural beliefs, parents with medical conditions and children with issues including reflux, bottle refusal, asthma, learning difficulties, behavioural issues, medical conditions and food preferences and allergies including vegetarian, gluten free, dairy allergies.
References & Full CV available
Please feel free to message me if you have any further questions or would like to discuss your requirements further.

How to Contact me

Number: 07867488725

Area I cover: UK

Email me at: katy.simmons89@hotmail.co.uk

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