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The Problem

Whats happening

Parents across the world have been thrust into the role of teacher, many without any training and all whist been expected to also continue working from home for their own boss or business.

Children have gone from a structured day in the classroom to been expected to be able to change their entire mind structure and now sit in their own home on a computer and learn, all whilst losing out on vital social times to relax.

This has led to frustrations and exhaustion in homes across the world. 

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The Solution

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However, hope is not all lost. As a child behaviour consultant of 17 years with a background in psychology and biological behaviour, I am here to give you some easy to implement tips that will help both you and your children. 

  1. Routine is everything. Children thrive from knowing what to expect and what is coming next so print of a simple routine chart and stick it in their homeschooling area. (In fact we’ll even give you a pre designed one to print off, just fill out the form below and we’ll send a pdf right to your inbox) 
  2. 20 mins on, 10 mins off. The pomodoro method is a great technique for children as it allows them regular times to shake of their stresses and have a break. We know from years of research that the brain works at it’s best in roughly 20/25 min slots, it can focus for that amount of time before it starts to wander so use this to your advantage. In the 5- 10 min breaks, get up and be pyshcial, run on the spot (we love a little trampoline to really jump out the excess energy and it’s easy to find a place for it in the house.
  3. Use a sand timer for primary school age group (in fact even teens often love this technique) it allows them to see visually how much time they have left before a break and can help them focus.
  4. Finally , take the stress of you all. For children, learning isn’t all about academic materials, they are learning and developing all the time so don’t get caught up in trying to achieve it all. Children right now, need stability, love, compassion and exercise more than anything else so get them outside as much as possible, facetiming with their friends where possible and remember they all catch up in the end.

For a more in depth plan and help check out our bitesize homeschooling course here 

Homeschooling Course

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