Beginning a career in Family Care

If you have been considering a career in family care, baby care, childcare but don’t know where to start, we can help. 

In this free course we explain how this role can be flexible, full filling,  has good earning potential and above all else job satisfaction at the end of every single day ! 

Watch our video below for more information.

This mini courseincludes:

Introduction to Family Care 
Flexibility around your own family or commitments!
Financial freedom to earn the amount you want! 
How to have a fun filled, heart warming career you will love!
A little Gift just for you

What people are saying

Clare Marie – 

Clare Marie has a BaHons in Business Management, AET Teacher, a Level 4 in Maternity Nursing, a Level 5 in Advanced Massage Therapy. She has won multiple awards and featured in a magazine for “Best in Britain for Business” She has 11 years of business experience and above all else she is a Mum herself!


Laura has worked for 17 years in private practice as a child behaviour consultant and maternity nurse. Worked worldwide across homes, schools and hospitals and has developed her own positive practical parenting training programme that is widely followed throughout the world. 

Katie Lacey-

Katie has been a registered Midwife for the past 5 years. She has undergone additional training in adult and neonatal advanced life support, Breastfeeding teacher training , Advanced fetal wellbeing in labour, how to monitor babies safety in labour with advanced  CTG readings,  physiology of labour, stress management and hypoxia in babies. Katie has also undergone further training in research studies in the maternal field and has run many antenatal classes and courses in the local community. Katie is also a Mum herself so understands the challenges that come with raising family.