Dummy or no dummy?

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The Problem

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A question I get asked often when working as a maternity nurse is whether or not a parent should use a dummy with a newborn. 

Interestingly this topic is always a hot bed of debate for some reason.

However the answer for me is quite simple.

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The Solution

Try this out

If you have a fussy or reluxy baby then use a dummy.

The reason being is that babies are naturally designed by nature to suck constantly. It increases saliva production which in turn helps to neutralise acid in the stomach and helps prevent it been pushed up the asphegeous.

Whilst of course it is a parents choice whether to use a dummy or not there are times when a dummy is very useful for both baby and mum.

Babies suck for comfort and if they don’t have anything externally to suck on, they will choose you. I have worked with many mums who have ended up with very sore boobies from a baby using them as a dummy (not actually feeding but just comfort sucking) 

I have also worked with babies who have had tummy aches from eating too much as again they have tried to suck on mum for comfort and taken in too much milk. 

Because sucking provides comfort during teething baby can also find great relief from having a dummy to suck on. 

That said, if you have a baby who isn’t fussy and doesn’t seem to need to suck then don’t introduce a dummy as there is no need. 

A dummy is a tool to help the baby feel comfort, nothing more, nothing less.


Oh and don’t worry about bad dummy habits.

 In my extensive experience I have found that if you simply take it away after they cut their first couple of teeth you have a night or 2 of fussing and then they learn to do without it.

The problems only arise when children have dummies after the age of 1 as it can then affect their speech and teeth development. 

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