This is a question I am always asked: But how often should I post?

The answer is there’s no hard and fast rule. Essentially visibility is about showing up, providing useful content and connecting with your potential clients and audience. I personally post around 6 times a day on any given platform.

algorithms (essentially the coding in the background that decides who sees what) tend to favour engaging content rather than simply sales posts particularly on the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Although they have introduced business suite (more on that in the next lesson) they are still first and foremost a SOCIAL media platform therefore the aim is connection and value.

The best way to show up and be visible in a genuine way is to choose a career you love and be genuine about it. I believe we are all here on this course because we want to know how to help more families in whatever capacity you work as. Therefore content and connection shouldn’t be too hard. Simply write from the heart, share some personality and some heart and give it some consistency and time.

Most people give up with visibility strategies before they truly start as often there isn’t much engagement to start with.

Starting and growing a business isn’t an overnight task. It is often months of hard work and consistency but if you stick with it you will see the fruits of your labour pay off in time.

There’s a reason many people choose to remain employed rather than choosing to become self employed and it’s because often it’s easier to have a boss, a steady paycheck and a clear job role. Entrepreneurship, self employment, business director and CEO is messy, exhausting, lonely, but at the same time it’s amazing, fulfilling, a perfect life/work balance (eventually) and you are able to help many many families and woman in exactly the way you choose without the constraints of a job. And that, my friend, is an incredible life to lead.

Next month we will be focusing on mindset, confidence and clarity so that you can become excited about becoming more visible and helping even more families and woman. I so look forward to taking that journey with you but for now be sure to stay active and engaged in the facebook group as we will be posting lots of tips and videos in there too in order to help you become the best version of you and become fulfilled and happy in your business.