Protecting yourself


As we are visiting the family home, which is their place they feel the most comfortable, therefore we need to know what to do if we feel uncomfortable or need to get out of a situation.

Firstly when we do a consultation, ask the family who lives there, what other support they have, family, friends, neighbours etc so we can have a full image of who might be around, or in the house during our visits.

Secondly on the arrival of our first paid visit, take 1bag to the door, go in and assess who is there, what they are wanting you to do that day and have a little chat, say hello to children/baby and assess if you feel comfortable. If at this point something is not sitting well, or you feel under threat, then make an excuse to go back to your car to get something and leave the home and drive to a safe place.

If ever during your time in the home if something makes you feel unsettled or uncomfortable and you wish to leave then make your excuses and go, if you feel you can be honest then do so. You are within your rights to leave and not be held against your wishes.

If after a while of working with a family you feel you don’t feel like you can support the family in the way they want or they make you feel uncomfortable, you do not have to return to the house, you can explain your reasons or send them an email or letter explaining why. If you are unsure how to say it or what to say, you can simply say you don’t feel your services are what they are looking for and you wish them well.

In some cases, you may feel they are starting to ask too much of you or expect unpaid favours which are starting to blur the lines of friendship or “taking a lend” it would be at this point you discuss this and make the decision for yourself to set boundaries or no longer support this family in a professional capacity, but you are welcome to continue being friends.