Professional Conduct

Professional Conduct

As we are working closely with Mothers and families we must always respect their choices and respect their rights to do things their own way.

We have to work hard to remain always non-judgemental or inflict our thought or views that are not backed up with evidence or professional bodies instructions regarding babies health.

We must always know the regulations (which are updated regularly) such as safe sleep positions etc … and while we must advise the right way to Parents is it down to the parent’s final decision to how they position their baby to sleep, however, we need to document this and if we are ever in charge of the baby we must adhere to regulations to protect our profession.

As we are working out in the community we have to adhere to the best hygiene safety regulations as we can, to make sure we are not responsible for passing on illness and viruses where possible. Washing hands, wearing gloves when appropriate, always being clean and tidy when visiting someones home.

We advise you to keep a diary of each day and what you have done for each family. It helps you keep track of your work, what has been done, what concerns you might have and a reminder of what has been discussed. The protects both you and your clients.

During this module, we are going to look at all the health and safety measures needed to be considered. It will not be often that you come up against these situations but it’s good to know and understand what to do if you ever did.