Why it’s so important

Love it or Hate it, we live in a technological era. Consumer studies show us the majority of people now buy online or via websites, so in order to compete in a market place we must embrace technology.

In a study commissioned by instagram in order to better understand mums usage of Instagram, they found that mums are an active group in the Instagram community. In fact, on Instagram, mums account for one in four women aged over 18 in the US and of those, 93% use Instagram at least once a week, and 68% use it daily.

With their hectic schedules, mums are using mobile devices to manage their entire lives – from work to personal. In addition to managing their schedules, the average mum checks social media 15 times a day3 and checks Instagram six times every day.

A study conducted by the ONS (office for national statistics) found that 91% of parents in the UK use social media and 79% regularly shop online. 95% of parents turn to social media and the internet for parenting advice.

This means it’s important from a business perspective that we are online and visible.