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Caroline Evans is a compassionate and highly regarded Parenting Consultant, and Early Years practitioner who, over the past 20 years, has supported hundreds of families worldwide, in person and remotely. Whether working with newborn babies and their families, or older children; Caroline’s approach is responsive and bespoke, offering both practical and emotional support.

Having cultivated a love for research and learning from a young age, Caroline holds a BA Honours degree and a French CAP Petit Enfance Early Years qualification. Her passion for self-development continues into her professional life as she routinely updates her knowledge with personal research, CPD training courses and certifications covering a range of subjects including: allergy, reflux, newborn care, breastfeeding, infant feeding and nutrition, post-natal depression, paediatric sleep, child development and Montessori methodology.

This knowledge serves to support her extensive professional experience with children from birth to school age.

When Caroline’s son presented multiple non ige-mediated allergies as a baby, it further galvanised her interest and study into paediatric allergies, and gave her a more profound understanding of the challenges faced by some of the families she supports. Caroline truly believes that children are her greatest teachers.

Caroline is a Member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants, the Association of Birth and Baby Professionals and the Maternity Nurse Association. She is respected in the professional community, praised by parents and loved by children.

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Number: 07708108371

The area I cover: London/ UK/worldwide

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Dr Ella RachamimAny additional Information you would like us to include:: "What can I say about Caroline? She is one of the most hard-working, ernest, knowledgeable and honest consultants you will ever meet. Caroline has attended several of our courses and the work she produces is of the highest possible standards. She thrives on new research and won't stop until she understands as much as there is to know - why? For her genuine desire to support babies and families in the most evidence-based and considered manner. Caroline is a pleasure to work with, supportive of other colleagues, holistic in her approach and always striving for the best for her families she works with. Caroline also is someone not scared to say, she is not sure what is going on or she doesn't know the answer, but then will ask and will research, get feedback and then share this with families and other colleagues. I recommend her without hesitation." Dr Ella Rachamim Community paediatrician, London, UK (NHS) and Director of BRTP.
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Our child was waking up upset incredibly frequently overnight and several colleagues of my husband had recommended Caroline. I worried that she would ask/advise me to do things that I had read about as being the standard first line advice (e.g. online/in books), but felt wrong or unachievable for us. I wondered whether she could suggest anything new or different to what I had read. It was tiring to contemplate having to justify all of our parenting decisions to someone new.
Caroline’s services exceeded my expectations. She suggested a multitude of things I had not heard of or previously considered, and added lots of tips and thoughts that were very practical (including recipes!). In our very first conversation, Caroline reinforced my instincts (which I had such little belief in) and said what I needed to hear. Caroline tried to provide a full and thorough service until the very last minute of our package (!) so that we got as much value as we could. She tailored her recommendations completely to us as a family and to my child as an individual and unique baby. Caroline was open to feedback and adjusted her advice if we weren’t sure how it would work for us. She responded very quickly, especially on Whatsapp, even when I didn’t expect a reply!
Mrs BR
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While I was sceptical at first as to how Caroline would be different to many of the other parenting advisors/sleep trainers etc., I was very quickly impressed and reassured that she would truly provide a holistic and individualised plan for my child, which she ensured would work for us as a family. It was a genuine collaboration and I was encouraged to express any reservations, which allowed us to come up with strategies that I felt much more confident to put into place. Caroline also recommended certain health professionals, as our issues did have a medical component, and wrote useful summaries to them in advance of our appointments. Given that we may not have used her services in the most conventional way, she remained understanding and flexible throughout our time working together, which turned out to be exactly what we needed. Whatever the problem you may be facing, I would highly recommend getting in touch with her. I would recommend Caroline’s services to someone who needs unconditional support, regardless of whether they are at their wit’s end or just need a little reassurance that they are on the right track. Anyone who is finding parenting hard and wants a bespoke service and ideas, rather than all the rigid guidance of parenting books.