Setting the standard for the parent, child and baby industry.

By using our badge, parents have confidence that you are a practitioner who is always learning.

Who keeps up to date with all the latest evidence and information to save you spending hours and hours on scanning various website and official hard to read public documents. 

Mini monthly Courses:
How it works.

Each month (from the date you joined) 2 mini continued personal development courses are released for you to undertake at your perusal within the month. 

Simply click into the ‘my courses’ tab and each month the padlock will unlock on the next 2 courses.

Click onto the course and at the end of each lesson, simply click the ‘complete and continue’ button at the top to go onto the next lesson. 

At the end of the course you will receive your certificate to add to your portfolio.

What the badges mean

On the ‘my courses’ page you will see courses with a badge image that will say ‘month one’ ‘month two’ etc showing you which courses are coming up. Each month’s courses are available for 30 days after which they change to the next month.

Coaching Call

All members are also welcome to have a 121 mentoring/coaching session. This session can be used to plan out business steps, gain clarity and direction or learn more about child psychology or post natal topic of your choosing. These need to be booked within 14 days of you joining and are non changeable. 

You can also join our members facebook group to keep up to date with workshops, challenges, support and connecting and networking with peers. We are here to help you!

Parent to Pro Directory:

Joining the membership entitles you to a FREE listing on our Parent to Pro directory. This is where parents come to find professionals. We have over 5k views a month so we know parents are requiring your services!

Your Own Webpage

We have also included your own webpage, which we create for you, to make you stand out from the rest on Parent to Pro. 


Free Resources

As part of your membership you have access to our  library of Resources. These documents are practically everything you would ever want or need in the Baby Care/ Child Care/ Family Care industry to make your job and life easier. 

They are available through the free version of Canva.

Here you can create a copy and edit, so you can add your colours and logo. 

We change the resources every month. 

The Latest Research/ Evidence:

We have done all the running around and hard work to bring you all the latest evidence for you to study or present to your clients, that you are aware of the latest guidelines and prove to your clients you take your job and their care very seriously. 

This area is updated regularly inline with evidence and research changes. 


The Webinars and Workshops will be with leading industry professionals in a wide range of areas of expertise, all designed to further your understand and knowledge and be able to ask questions you otherwise wouldn’t have an answer to. 

Our up and coming workshops and webinars timetable will be available to view ahead of time in the members area. 

Once the webinar has taken place it will be available within the webinar area on the membership area. 

Our Badge of Association:

You will be able to download our badge of association to add to your website, social media or CV as a stamp of approval, as a mark of your continuous professional development and proof of the standards of your work.