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A question I get asked ALL the time…
‘At what age will my child … ‘

Whether it’s walking, talking, potty training, crawling etc there’s nothing parents like more than to hit milestones and I get it I do, parenting is scary, you have the sole job of raising another human being and milestones are viewed as a ‘win’ a box you can tick to show that you’ve done something right as a parent. (Anyone else feel like that?)

However these tick boxes cause masses and masses of stress especially if yours doesn’t tick the box exactly when the books say.

I am here to tell you once and for all that EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT!!!!!
Read that sentence again please!

I have worked in my own business for 14 years and in schools prior to that, I have been around children all my life, I have worked world wide with children from incredibly privileged backgrounds, with children from incredibly impoverished backgrounds, with children in multi language households, with children who don’t have access to schools or medical care, with babies who were solely breastfed, with babies who mums had such horrendous post natal depression they didn’t hold their baby for an entire year, with babies who were solely formula fed to babies who were weaned at 4 momths, 6 months, 8 months and you know what I’ve seen???

I’ve seen a baby take their 1st steps at 7! Months old! I’ve seen a baby take their 1st steps at 2 years old!!
I’ve seen a baby chatter on and say 1st words at 8 months old, I’ve seen kids not say their very 1st word until aged 5.
I’ve seen kids eat vegetables from 4 months old and I’ve seen children never eating a vegetable until their teens.

I’ve seen babies not crawl at all and go straight to walking, I’ve seen babies put into a big bed at 14 months old and I’ve seen some co sleep with mum and dad until they’re 9..

My point and examples been that as parents you have enough to worry about, enough tangible changeable actionable steps to worry about so why waste your energy on things that don’t matter??
Does it matter if they take their 1st step at 1 or 3? Does it matter if they say their 1st word at 1 or 5??
Really in a life span that averages 80 years does it matter that they hit all milestones in their very 1st year or 2 of life???

I’m more worried about raising children who are kind, compassionate, self confident, strong minded, go getters, content, charitable, comfortable in their own skin, a cheerleader for others less fortunate, a good friend, that risk take where neccessary

Those are the things that are truly going to see them through life. As an adult I’ve never been asked what age I first walked, have you? Xx

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"To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything."

T. Tolis

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