A fun pony care course for pony mad kids

Pony Care course

For pony mad kids!

Although I am a child behaviour consultant and professional trainer, I am also a horse mad horse owner. I’ve loved my horses since I was 3 years old and begged (nagged) my parents constantly for my own until they got me a pony on loan at the age of 6. 

I’ve never looked back.

My horses have taught me so much over the years that have helped me through life. From stress reducing, responsibility, early mornings, compassion, patience and more and I am a firm believer to this day that owning a pet can really help a child’s development. 

So because my passion is also to help children thrive and this at the moment means to make sure they are still having fun and enjoying life even in lockdown.  I thought I would put together this cute little pony care course for kids of any age.

If they love it, please do share and let others know.

It even comes with a certificate of completion.

If there’s anything else about horses and ponies they’d like to know after doing the course just let me know so I can tell them the answers to their questions.

I really truly hope you and they love it as much as I loved creating it.

Just click the link below to enrol onto this free, fun kids pony care course.

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