5 reasons you need our professional membership

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The Problem

Whats happening

  • You feel overwhelmed
  • You feel frustrated that others seem to be getting clients and work but you find yourself struggling
  • You know you need to get visible online but have no idea where to start with the tech side
  • You know you need to keep up to date with CPD for your portfolio and CV but feel unmotivated or that you don’t have time or know where to start
  • You are bored of the same courses and cpd topics coming up each time
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The Solution

5 ways our membership can help simplify your life!

  1. One of the biggest hold backs in my business was tech challenges. I spent hours, days, weeks trying to learn what to do with things like templates, tiles, how to make  a logo etc. It led to som much frustration as I all I really wanted and needed to do was work with actual paying clients but I needed some of the tech stuff in order to find clients so it became a vicious circle. Now after spending years learning and practicing I actually love tech and am constantly amazed by what it can do to help me build connections with clients. So to make your life easier our membership provides you with done for you templates that are completely customisable with your own brand colours and logos! Plus we even give you a step by step video to make sure you can easily change it.  
  2. Another issue for many businesses is content – What to say, what to put out, where and when so to help simplify your business life we provide you with 10 content ideas and templates a month! 
  3. CPD! We all know we have to do it to stay ahead of our industry and to prove to the parents we work with that we are serious about our career and improving ourselves regularly but who has time to continuously scroll the internet trying to find interesting and relevant CPD to take, and at a reasonable price. So we take that stress away b providing 3 CPD courses each and every month on a variety of topics meaning that yo can grow and have a wide background of knowledge in order to diversify your career if you choose. 
  4. Websites! The bain of some people’s life. We simplify this for you by hosting a webpage all about you on our very successful website (this month so far we’ve had 14000 page views!) With a beautiful designed template, we set it all up so all you have to do is send us your information and leave the rest to us,
  5. Mindset, clarity and confidence! This is a big issue these days with many business owners feeling overwhelmed, lacking confidence to grow or clarity and direction in knowing what next practical steps to take. We help you out immesley in this area. By providing a community that has your back, that support and encourages you in our members area and that provides you with motivational talks, mindset workshops, clarity calls and more. We genuinely measure our success by your success and want to help all our members thrive in life and business. 

Working as a self employed person or sole business owner can be lonely, isolating and can sometimes feel like noone understands.

We understand the value of having a team and a ‘village’ and have created this so you have somewhere that helps build you up, helps you thrive. We are  a group of women succeeding and thriving in an unsure world and we invite you to join us today.

We have your back, always <3 




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