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We train Practitioners so they can provide hands on help, support and guidance to families all over the UK 

We are Empathetic Educators empowering woman to reach their career highs, while working in a career that is flexible, full filling, with amazing earnings potential and job satisfaction at the end of every day! 

family care practitioner Accredited Training

A family care practitioner is a combination of the two roles, a Postnatal Care Practitioner and a Family Focus – tots to teens Practitioner. So you will be able to work with all ages and all different family scenarios.

A family care practitioner is highly trained to offer hands on help, care and support to families in their own home environment. Whether it’s reassuring mum with friendly new baby care advice or helping a mum devise routines to get the kids off to school on time, it could be helping find support groups, baby classes, additional support in the area for an isolated or highly stressed out parent or maybe it’s cuddling the new baby for an hour so mum can get some much needed rest and a bath!

A practitioner  is a highly diverse role with hourly rates of pay, job flexibility to fit around own family and commitments and an abundance of families to support every day of the week, all the way around the clock and is full of variety, sometimes challenging but always rewarding!


Post Natal care Practitioner

Who doesn’t love babies!  If you adore babies and love the idea of helping a new family navigate through the important first year then this is the course for you. 

A postnatal care practitioner is an important role in the care of new families. You will be supportive and confident in helping support a new family in whatever way they require.

We strive to give the power back to the parents to parent the way they desire and we can gently guide, reassure and empower. 

Your days will be varied but fulfilling. 

Postnatal Care Practitioner Course Includes:

Learning Objectives/Mission Statement
Our Thanks to you
How the course will run
Different Job Roles
Professional Conduct
Who we help/How we help
Why our services are needed
Confidentiality/ Maintaining Confidentiality
Principles of Response
Domestic Abuse
Child Abuse/Safeguarding
Health and Safety around the home
Equal Opportunities
The importance of play and positive parenting
Listening Skills
Taking action in an emergency
Protecting yourself
Its a Job!
Getting started as a Practitioner
First Meeting/Consultation
Gaining experience
Record Keeping/ Journaling
  1. Learning Objectives
    Normal Sleep Development
    Sleep in other cultures
    The important of sleep
    Sleep Cycles
    Tired signs
    Babies Sleep 0/6 Weeks – 6/12 Weeks
    Baby characteristics that could affect sleep
    Sleep Associations
    Sleep Theories
    Gentle Routine Methods
    Safe Sleep/ SIDs
    Sleep training/ SIDs and Breast feeding
    Co Sleeping
Learning Objectives
Baby reflexes at birth
Hormones controlling milk production
Why breast IS best
Breastfeeding correct positioning and attachment
Breastfeeding – getting milk supply established
Breastfeeding – good signs/ indications
Failure to thrive/ cluster feeding
Breastfeeding issues
Hunger Cues
Breastfeeding – expressing milk
Breastfeeding – alcohol and medication
Breastfeeding – mums nutrition
Breastfeeding – supplement feeding
Gentle Feeding routines
NICE Guidelines for infant feeding
Stopping breastfeeding
Bottle Feeding – correct preparation
Bottle Feeding – which bottles and teats
Bottle Feeding – Formula choices
Bottle Feeding – pace feeding
Bottle feeding – sterilising bottles and storage
Burping techniques
Supporting Mum to feed her way
Feeding FAQs
Learning Objectives
Early days/ Umbilical cord
Nappy changing/ nail clipping/Sun care
Products on skin
Common skin conditions
Physiology of the newborn
Hearing and sight at birth
Newborn Immunisations
Newborn Jaundice
Signs and symptoms of serious illness
Common childhood Illness
Support development through play
Play and bonding
importance of tummy time
Essential baby equipment
Car seat safety
Visitors and holding the baby
Learning Objectives
What is Colic/typical symptoms
Causes of excess crying to rule out
Causes of Colic/ Treatments
Causes of Reflux / Treatments
Causes of GOR
Causes of GORD
Cows Milk Protein Allergy
Silent Reflux
How to support the Family
Settling techniques


Learning Objectives
Types of Twins
Potential Pregnancy problems
Types of Birth
Time in the NICU
Feeding Multiples
Sleep with Multiples
Safe Sleep in Multiples
Common illness with Multiples
Coping with crying in Multiples
Bath time with Multiples
Practical equipment to transport Multiples
How we can help families adjust to Multiples
Learning Objectives
Baby Blues
Postnatal Depression
Postnatal Depletion
Sleep deprivation
Traumatic Birth/ Birth trauma/ PTSD
OCD and other controlling conditions
Worry/Mum guilt
Loneliness and Isolation
Listening skills
Learning Objectives
The first 4 weeks
Postpartum potential problems
Pelvic floor
Gentle stretches for Mum
Essential Nutrition/ Nourishing Meals
Practical Support/ House work
Creating a Retreat at home
Postnatal Treatment Rituals
Helping bond with baby/ Baby massage


This course will give you great in-depth knowledge to enable you to be come a confident Postnatal Practitioner, From looking after baby in the early days with feeding, sleep, general baby care but also to look after a Mum in the early days, with help recovering from birth and navigating Motherhood. We train you to a high standard to understand the role, how to market yourself and all the self employed business basics you will need. This course is everything you will need to know to have a fun filled career as a Postnatal Practitioner.

When you will Qualify you will be able to:

  • Provide practical jobs around the home environment
  • Provide hands on baby care to give parents a break
  • Offer emotional support, a listening ear
  • Provide baby groups and classes in the local community
  • Provide education to parents in person or online. 
  • and so much more in this diverse role!

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

  • Passionate people who are deeply caring and want a career helping and supporting families to improve their life with their children.
  • Parents themselves who have experienced parenting first hand and have a good understanding of why this role is so important
  • People who already have their own business or work in a career with parents and want to become more knowledgeable on baby care and how to support mums.

What people are saying

Family Focus - Tots to Teens practitioner

This is for anyone who feels they can help families develop and grow confidently and bring a little sunshine into their day.

Your day will be varied and may range from teaching mum how to potty train her 3 year old or teaching dad how to get his 6 year old to eat those vegetables. Some days might deal with behaviour issues and some days may be helping a family create a fun filled holiday schedule. 

Whatever you are asked to do by a parent you will be confident your knowledge is all up to date through our in depth course. 

Family Focus Practitioner course Includes:

This module is everything you will need to get started in your career.

1. Mission Statement, Principles, Declaration.

2. Our thanks to you, how we support and thank you.

3. All the resources you need to study this course

4. Professional Conduct

5. Who we help, how we help, Why we are needed service. 

6. Confidentiality

7. Principles of response

8. Awareness of Domestic and Child abuse.

9. Health and Safety around the home

10. Equal Opportunities

11. The Importance of Play

12. Listening Skills

13. Taking Action in an emergency, Protecting yourself


15. Getting started as a Postnatal Practitioner

16. First meeting/Consultation

17. Gaining Experience

18. Useful Resources

  1. Basic evolution
  2. Basic child psychology overview
  3. Hierarchy of needs
  4. Positive reinforcement
  5. Punishment and why it doesn’t work
  6. Helping parents cope with unwanted behaviour 
  7. Relationship needs
  8. How unwanted behaviour can affect parents mental health
  9. End of module quiz
  1. How child behaviour has changed throughout time and history
  2. How family units have changed throughout time and history and how this affects today’s families
  3. Behavioural norms in toddlers aged 1-3
  4.  Behavioural norms in pre schoolers aged 3-5
  5. Behavioural norms in primary school ages 5 – 11
  6. Behavioural norms in in pre teens aged 11 – 13
  7. Behavioural norms in in teenagers aged 13 – 16
  8. Supporting parents throughout their child’s development, and behavioural changes and growth
  9. End of module quiz
  1. Psychology of learning
  2. Positive reinforcement techniques and methods
  3. Implementing positive reinforcement methods correctly
  4. Learning through play
  5. Learning through positive relationships with parents
  6. Supporting parents positively and non judgmentally
  7. Why judgment and blame aren’t at all useful or helpful
  8. Mindset and mental health and how it affects learning
  9. how environment affects learning
  10. How to support and change environments positively
  11. End of module quiz
  1. Medical dictionary definition of mental health
  2. Definition of depression
  3. signs and symptoms of depressions
  4. How to support someone with depression
  5. Definition of anxiety
  6. signs and symptoms of anxiety
  7. How to support someone with anxiety
  8. Definition of OCD
  9. Signs and symptoms of OCD
  10. How to support someone with OCD
  11. Mental health and mindset differences
  12. Supporting parents with mental health issues
  13. Supporting parents with low midset
  14. Supporting parents with low self esteem
  15. Supporting parents under stress
  16. When to refer to a doctor or medical profession
  17. When to help and when to refer
  18. Know your place
  19. End of module quiz
  1. Nutrition 101 – What children need to thrive
  2. Food triangle
  3. How energy is converted and burned
  4. How food affects behaviour
  5. Stages of fussiness children go through
  6. How to positively solve fussy eating issues
  7. Medical issues regarding food and when to refer to doctors
  8. Food exploration
  9. Supporting parents of fussy eaters
  10. Family meal times
  11. Getting the kids involved
  12. End of module quiz
  1. Sleep biology
  2. Sleep evolution
  3. Sleep hygiene
  4. Sleep cycles
  5. Safe Sleep
  6. Sleep and technology
  7. Sleep and food
  8. Sleep and exercise
  9. Adult sleep issues
  10. Sleep methods
  11. Supporting parents of children with sleep issues
  12. Supporting parents who have sleep issues
  13. How to create a positive environment and thought process around sleep
  14. End of module quiz
  1. Most common diagnosis
  2. ADHD Overview
  3. Autism overview
  4. Cerebral palsy overview
  5. physical disabilities overview
  6. How parents may feel
  7. What practical help parents may need
  8. What support the children may need
  9. Other siblings
  10. Mindset
  11. Inclusion policy
  12. Culture differences
  13. End of module quiz


Confident Parenting is a private practice and company set up 15 years ago by Laura Dodd a renowned child development and behaviour expert.

Laura works world wide as a behaviour consultant and has helped thousands of families create calm and solve issues.

After realising she is only 1 person she devised this course to help train new practitioners to enable them to come into a much needed career.

When you will Qualify you will be able to:

  • Provide practical jobs around the home environment
  • Provide practical solutions to help both parent and child enjoy their days together. 
  • Offer emotional support, a listening ear
  • Provide suppport groups and classes in the local community
  • Provide education to parents in person or online. 
  • and so much more in this diverse role!

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

  • Anyone who feels a burning passion to help children, parents and families
  • Parents who have experienced challenges in bringing up their own children. 
  • Anyone who would love to have a fulfilling career where every day is different and you can manage your own diary, hours and salary
  • Anyone who knows they can make a difference in someone’s life with some guidance and training

What people are saying

Learn from the very best

Join our course and start building the most wanted career available today. We make sure every class is easily understood, and that all students reach the same level of expertise needed for what is possibly the best and most fulfilling career in the world. 

At least after 18 years we still think it’s the best career ever!  

Clare Marie – 

Clare Marie has a BaHons in Business Management, AET Teacher, a Level 4 in Maternity Nursing, a Level 5 in Advanced Massage Therapy. She has won multiple awards and featured in a magazine for “Best in Britain for Business” She has 11 years of business experience and above all else she is a Mum herself!


Laura has worked for 17 years in private practice as a child behaviour consultant and maternity nurse. Worked worldwide across homes, schools and hospitals and has developed her own positive practical parenting training programme that is widely followed throughout the world. 

Katie Lacey-

Katie has been a registered Midwife for the past 5 years. She has undergone additional training in adult and neonatal advanced life support, Breastfeeding teacher training , Advanced fetal wellbeing in labour, how to monitor babies safety in labour with advanced  CTG readings,  physiology of labour, stress management and hypoxia in babies. Katie has also undergone further training in research studies in the maternal field and has run many antenatal classes and courses in the local community. Katie is also a Mum herself so understands the challenges that come with raising family. 

Why Train with us?

Guest Authors featured in the courses

Additional Membership option

family care practitioner Accredited Training

A family care practitioner is a combination of the two roles, so you will be able to work with all ages and all different family scenarios.

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Most frequent questions and answers

We have designed the course so that you can work at your own pace. We have some students who are taking the course around their current full time job or family so take some months to complete it and we have some students who are doing the course full time so finish it in under 3 months. It is entirely up to you and your lifestyle.

We strive to keep our prices affordable for all. This means in order to have all the added benefits we charge a small additional fee. This gives you flexibility to choose or you can add on the membership at a later date.

Because we believe in empowering business owners we don’t dictate a set fee that you charge but instead encourage you to do your own market research in your area and set your price accordingly. We cover business ownership and price setting in the business module of the course.

You will get 3 months  access to our community group on facebook. However you do have the option to add on our membership and receive continuous support, business and marketing tips and tools and discount off additional courses and much more. 

We cover basic marketing on our main course, however our membership offers ongoing marketing tips and tools. With your membership you will also be listed on our finder page for families in your area to find you. 

You can still study this course as we look at a different way of using your skills. Some information you may already know but a lot of the work you will not. If you have worked as self employed in the past you would be valuable to our community group to share your own knowledge and feel like a team/family instead of working alone. If you join our membership you will get a free listing on our finder page so families can find you. 

Yes absolutely! There is no time limit on how long it takes you to complete the course and we understand you might want to keep your other job til you qualify or even be a practitioner part time along side your job or family life, the great thing with this role is its so flexible!

We understand it is a challenging time with Covid restrictions, that are constantly changing. But now more than ever families need the support, so there is a few options available. You and the family can form a childcare bubble providing  the family is not in a bubble with another house hold. Generally you will follow the guidelines of being a house nanny (although we understand this isn’t the role we provide) but we do work closely with families in their own home. We can offer support from a distance such as phone and video call.Depending on the tier you are in you could meet in an outdoor setting, go for a walk etc. Please keep checking your own area for changes to the rules but there is ways around it to still support families in these difficult times.

We are accredited by the CPD accreditation groupUK. We are just waiting to receive the certification which has been held up by Covid and then will add to our website accordingly. 

We discuss all of this on the course of who to get your insurance through and what type of insurance you will need , so you can be rest assured you will be able to get professional insurance.